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3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Christ The King From the Parish Priest's Desk

Being Generous Instruments in the Hands of God Today we begin a continuous reading of Mark’s Gospel that will carry us through this segment of the liturgical season of Ordinary Time. Today’s Gospel describes how Jesus came to Galilee and began preaching, challenging people to “repent and believe in the Gospel.” Just as John did, Jesus also called for repentance, …

advent 4

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Christ The King From the Parish Priest's Desk

CHRISTMAS is YOU when……. “Christmas is usually a noisy party. We could use a bit of silence to hear the voice of Love.” Christmas is you, when you decide every day to be born again and let God into your soul. The Christmas tree is you, when you resist strong winds and the difficulties of life. Christmas ornaments are you, …

advent 3

Third Sunday of Advent

Christ The King From the Parish Priest's Desk

Rejoice in the Lord Always Today is the third Sunday of Advent and it is also called Gaudete Sunday. Gaudete, a Latin word which means “rejoice,” is taken from the entrance antiphon for this Sunday’s Mass. This theme is echoed in today’s second reading from the first Letter to the Thessalonians. It is a reminder that Advent is a season …

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Parish Garage Sale

Christ The King News and Announcements

Remember there is a Garage Sale in the Parish Hall EVERY 3rd Saturday of the month from 7am to 11am. Our next sale is Saturday 17 February!