Sacraments of Initiation


Since Baptism recalls and makes present the Paschal Mystery, the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, the celebration of Baptism must reflect the joy of the Resurrection! Therefore, other than in a case of emergency or danger of death, it is not appropriate to celebrate baptisms in the Lenten season.

Please note that during the season of Lent the Sacrament of Baptism is not celebrated here at Christ the King Parish.

Parents/Guardians who wish to have their child/ren baptised, must attend a Baptismal Course here at Christ the King Parish. These one hour sessions are held every second month. To book in for the next Baptism Class please contact the Parish Office for details.

Baptism dates and times are discussed at the Baptismal Course.

Please note that baptisms are usually celebrated communally.

Baptismal Font

First Reconciliation, Confirmation & First Holy Communion

These sacraments are usually celebrated in the Parish between September and November each year (date is dependent upon the availability of the Bishop).

Our Sacramental Process covers approximately nine weeks of classes. These one and a half hour classes are usually held after the Sunday 10am mass on dates specified.

To be eligible for this course children must be eight years of age or older as at the date of the Confirmation/First Holy Communion Mass, for that year.

The process involves both parents/guardians and children; separate sessions for parents are provided at the same time as those for the children.

Registration for these classes usually begin in July.

Holy Communion